Banana Ice Cream, as the name suggests is ice cream made with a mixture of bananas. Soft bananas can be easily processed into an ice cream mixture.

The banana taste will also strongly dominate this ice cream, so that the aroma of bananas is more tempting and more flavorful



  • Bananas 2 pieces, discarded the fibers, smoothed
  • Double cream (milk whipped cream) 250 grams whipped until thick
  • Lemon juice 1 tbsp
  • Syrup flavor of 200 cc banana
  • Old banana 1 slice sliced 1 cm thick
  • Large grain chocolate (meises) to taste

  1. Bananas that have been discarded are mashed, mixed with thick whipped whipped cream, lemon juice, and banana-flavored syrup, whipped using a mixer to blend rta and gently. Then store in the freezer until the surface freezes or for 4 hours
  2. Remove the banana mixture that starts to freeze, break the surface, and shake again in the freezer for another 4 hours. Remove it again until it becomes a soft ice cream
  3. Prepare a serving glass, place the banana ice cream and decorate it with banana slices. Sprinkle ice cream with meises. Ready to serve

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